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Grimsby Fisheries stands for more than a national award winning fish and chip shop. There is a family run spirit to this place that has developed from its very beginning.

Located in the heart of Leicester, the shop has a heritage dating as far back as 1940. What is now one of the largest fish and chip restaurants in England was once just a tiny shop with a sign reading “Grimsby Fisheries fish, rabbit and poultry.”

Having bought the shop in 1966, the Eleftheriou-Karageorge family soon realized the potential the site had. More than four times its original size, Grimsby Fisheries has expanded the business from offering just takeaway fish and chips to becoming a fully licensed restaurant.

Our menu includes mouth watering fresh fish cooked in crunchy batter, among many other selections including southern fried chicken, burgers, scallops, classic mushy peas and more. We remain dedicated to serving the finest quality food and this is testament to the selection of awards received.

In 1990, Grimsby Fisheries became the first fish and chip shop to serve salmon, winning an accolade for enterprise. Most recently in 2011, we invented the dry salt and vinegar rub that received national acclaim. This product was designed to find an answer to the age-old problem of soggy chips and illustrates Grimsby Fisheries desire to revolutionize the fish and chip industry.

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